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Longoe Sheep & British Wool
Longoe Sheep feature in new British Wool campaign

The British Wool Marketing Board has been involved in some vigorous promotional work to continue to raise the profile of British Wool and invigorate demand.

The company launched a brand new quality logo for British Wool carpets at the recent National Floor Show in Harrogate. The new logo, which is a key part of the British Wool 'Origin is Everything' campaign marks their year long environmental impact study and gives manufacturers a powerful tool when highlighting their actual fibre content and its environmental rating.

The campaign's imagery includes a distinctive poster showing North Country Cheviot sheep from The Queen Elizabeth Castle of Mey Trust's Longoe Flock in front of The Houses of Parliament, while the launch of the new web-site will ensure that interest in British Wool is stimulated and backed up by a wealth of on-line information.

Richard Poole, European Business Manager at the BWMB commented:

'We made a conscious decision 18 months ago to pursue a detailed impact study on our fibre and how it affected the environment. The research has now been completed and we are satisfied that the results will give our manufacturers a solid environmental advantage in both using and promoting the British Wool brand.'

'The industry will now have measurable data which positions British Wool favourably for the growing environmental agenda. This will be of key importance to commercial carpet manufacturers and buyers.''Introducing the logo will see a new standard for British Wool carpet aimed at buyers who want to know the pedigree of the fibre content. Our existing Shepherd's Crook logo remains as a symbol of British Wool in product. This new label will only be available to manufacturers who meet specific traceable fibre content standards and we will be marketing the label to commercial markets as a valid and measurable standard.

New British Wool logo

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Tuesday 20 March 2018